If you are looking for the answer of “where can i buy stamps“then stay with us you will find easy and best place from below.In this materialistic world, you barely have time for your family.And you got tired of by using social networks liking, disliking commenting and such types of time-consuming robotic stuff. The desire to spend your vacations without this kind of technical stuff. You can also want to stay connected to your friends because without them your life will be black and white. The postcard is one of the best ways to stay connected to your buddies. But you have to buy postage stamps before you use postcard service. If you have no idea Where to buy Stamps 2018, here follow, we’ve discussed in this article where you can buy postage stamps to send a letterYou can find here all means of buying stamps whether it is online or traditional (from stores near to you).

where can i buy stamps


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Where Can i Buy Stamps

Buying stamps and finding Who Sells Stamps can be a challenging task if you don’t know the exact location. Contrast this, if you know, you can quickly approach the place and buy the stamps. The most prominent and foremost way where can i buy stamps is postal office, but if the postal office isn’t in your approach due to some reason, then this post will help you to find the exact locations where you can buy postal stamps.Lets dig into the answer of  where can i buy stamps.

Follow we categorized the areas: one is for the USA residential and other is Non-USA residential, where you can purchase a postage stamp.If you are USA residential, then if you thinking about Where can i buy Stamps it’s straightforward for you to buy postage stamps.Following are the best spots where it’s possible for you to have stamps.Here you will get the answer to Where do I buy Stamps.

25 Resouces list where you can buy Stamps in the USA.

  1. United States Postal Service
  2. FedEx
  3. Bank Of America
  4. Amazon Store
  5. Walmart
  6. Walgreens
  7. Rite Aid
  8. CVS
  9. Staples
  10. Gas Station
  11. Post Offices
  12. Grocery Store
  13. Banks
  14. Pharmacies
  15. ATM Machines
  16.  Apartment Complex Offices
  17. Printing Shops
  18. Hotel and Motel Offices
  19.  Newspaper and Magazine Stores
  20. Gift Shop
  21. Museums
  22. Stamp Machines
  23. Home Metered Stamp Services
  24. Truck Stops
  25. Private Mail and Post Box Services

Below you can get details of all resources about you question of where can i buy stamps and also can find a store with our store’s locators.

Where can I buy Stamps near me?Here’s a Complete Guide

ResourcesOpen TimeStore Finder
USPS8 Am until 8 PmUSPSFinder
CVS8 Am until 9 PmCVS Finder
Rite-Aid8 Am until 7 PmRite-Aid Finder
Walmart8 Am until 10 PmWalmart Finder
Seven 117 Am until 11Pm7 11 Finder
Fed Ex8 Am until 10 PmFedEx Finder
Bank Of America8 Am until 7 PmBank Finder
Amazon24 hoursAmzon Finder
Target8 Am – 7 pmTarget Finder

 Buy Stamps in USA

1.United States Postal Service

US Postal Service at first in our list for USA residential, because it’s the best and first option to buy stamps in the USA. USPS is an independent agency controlled by US federal government for providing postal service in the United-States. The best thing about the US postal service is you can also buy the stamps online. Just visit their official site USPS  and know Where can i Buy Stamps.

Where to buy Stamps

United States Postal Service


FedEx is an American courier delivery company, one of the best shipping company.The FedEx also sell stamps, and it’s another good option to purchase stamps, If the mentioned spot is near to you then you just have to go to FedEx office to buy stamps.

3.Bank Of America

It’s open for a limited time according to its schedule, but you can find the branch offices of Bank of America in most cities and big towns and also some villages. Bank of America also carry stamps to sell; you can easily buy stamps from banks. They only give you stamps, not whole stuff used to send a post.Anyhow you can find stamps from the bank.

Where to buy Stamps

Bank of America

4.Amazon Store

Amazon one of the biggest store in the markets out there can be an answer of  Where can i buy Stamps, you can’t only buy electronic gadgets and books from Amazon store.But also you can buy stamps from the warehouse. The store doesn’t bound to its timing schedule, and they do provide their services 24 hours. Amazon also allows you to buy stamps online. So, if you are not interested in buying stamps by going outside, then this is the  Best and my favourite option to purchase stamps online.

Where to buy Stamps

Amazon Store


Walmart is another store where you can buy everyday life things including postcard stamps. The store opens and closes at fixed timings. Here at Walmart, you can purchase not only stamps but also all the stuff you need to post a mail such as an envelope, paper, wishing cards, etc. You can easily find Walmart store in every big city and towns. The store is the best option for you if it’s near to or if you want to buy all the things related to sending mail.Then this location is best for your question of  Where can i Buy Stamps.Check out the guide on Does Walmart Sells Stamps.

Where to buy Stamps



Walgreens also sell stamps.Its a well-known Store in the USA if you are interested to buy stamps at Walgreens then simply ask the Walgreens Staff about it, they will happy to help you.Walgreens actually the best source to buy stamps if it’s near you go and buy you will love their services actually.

7.Rite Aid

Another one source where you can buy stamps is Rite Aid.It’s a Pharmacy Chain where you can also buy stamps.If Rite Aid is in your range and Stamps is your need then you must go to rite aid and buy stamps.You just need to go to rite aid and ask the manager where can i buy stamps at rite he will guide.

8.CVS Health Corporation

CVS Corporation is a public pharmacy in the USA, and they have a good inventory of different types of stamps. It can be a right place, and it is a real answer to the question.You can easily buy related stamps from any CVS pharmacy in your town and city. Again, you can’t purchase other mailing stuff from the pharmacy except for stamps. But if you only want stamps then this can be a best stamp seller for you. There also other famous pharmacies are selling stamps such as Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and some other. So, you can buy stamps from pharmacies near you.Hope now till know you have got it where can i buy stamps.

Where to buy Stamps

CVS Health Corporation

9.Staples Print and Marketing Service

Another option in our list is Staple Print and Marketing Service, also another best choice to buy stamps. They’ve been selling the stuff for mailing for decades. There also exist some well-reputed companies similar to Staples are selling postage stamps. So, you can buy stamps from paper printing shops or Book depots.Here we also have a guide on Does Staples Sell Stamps it will enhance your knowledge of Staples Stamps.

Where to buy Stamps


10.Gas Station

Their available hours are typically a great deal as compared to the grocery store and banks, although some of the gas stations sell stamps, the majority of these usually don’t. It depends on this particular gas station whether they carry the stamps or not. It is a pity as most filling stations are available day and also at night.And This Place is best for you if you are looking for Where can i buy Stamps.

Where to buy Stamps

Gass Station


Here is important video  for you

Watch video for How to get a free Stamps kit

Who Sells Stamps? General Places to buy stamps

If you are Still Looking for Who Sells Stamps?Then Here below we have a complete guide on Where can i buy Stamps.You can buy Stamps even when you are travelling.Places that we have discussed below are tested and trusted to buy Stamps.

11.Post Offices

Lets give you the answer of where can i buy stamps at post office.A post office is the best place to buy postage stamps as compared to all other resources.But here we are talking about the all the sources where you can buy stamps with ease. That can be locations near you or the only location in your town. So, below you can check the other places where you can buy postcard stamps quickly.

12.Grocery Store

Not exactly all of the huge supermarket shops will take stamps. A number of those more small stores are going to possess postage stamps, however, nevertheless, it may difficult to find stamps in big stores. It’s current average for supermarket shops to maintain all the school-related stuff in the separate corner. Try to find this particular corner as you may probably find the stamp in it. If the Grocery store does not have postage stamps, make they realize you want them to.


Most banks have postcard stamps. In case you move into to for some work, check out should they sell stamps and what type of stamps are readily available.Furthermore, bear in mind their introduction and final hours therefore that you need to learn the way to conduct into a whenever you’re in serious need of a few stamps. Nevertheless, you can discover a bank in many cities and towns or even in village sometimes. So, this can be a location to buy stamp quickly.


It’s an amusing thing that pharmacies not only sell toiletry and meals along with health care stuff for their clients, but they also carry postcard stamp to sell. All over again, we can’t surely say that all one of those regional pharmacies can take out stamps.Some well-reputed ones sell stamps do.They have the large inventory of different stamps.Got it the answer of where can i buy stamps?

15.ATM Machines

Some banks ATM sells stamps; it Depends on the ATM of the bank here’s a list of Banks who’s ATM sells Stamps.

  • Fifth Third Bank
  • KeyBank
  • US Ban
  • Regions Bank
  • Wachovia

More Places in the sense of Who Sells Stamps are given below.These places will help you to buy stamps near you even when you are in a traveling mood or you are in your home.Buying Stamps now a days is not actually a big at all you can  easily buy stamps from your home without going anywhere.So,lets see the more places where you can buy stamps.

 More Places to buy stamps

16.Apartment Complex Offices

In the age of competition, the competition of having babies is also increasing lol.So, the need of apartment is also increasing.Most of the apartments are now very serious to fulfil their customers need that’s why most of the big apartment complex are also have stamps.Are you got the answer of where can i buy stamps? if yes then great if no please told us in comments.

17.Printing Shops

Most of the Big  Printing Shops may also have stamps.So, if any printing shop is near you then simply go and ask them for postage stamps they will happy to help you.Not every Printing Shop have stamps but most of the Big Shops have.To know they are selling or not you will have to go shopping and ask them.Opening hours of Printing shops are usually 9 Am to 5 Pm.

18.Hotel and Motel Offices

In your mind till now may be question like where can i buy stamps at hotel wondering,don’t worry we have solution for you .The best Communities must have some Hotel and Motel Offices.Hotel and Motel Offices also have stamps but mostly they have only for their guests.So, if you are their guest you can buy stamps theirs by asking them.Remember that it’s also not a guarantee that they have stamps but most of the cases they have.

19.Newspaper and Magazine Stores

Newspaper and Magazines Stores also sell stamps.Newspaper and Magazines are the sources of joy for the communities who love to keep themselves updated.They are performing many services including mailing service for their community.So, mostly they have stamps you can buy there.

20.Gift Shops

Gift Shops are the best places to buy some love for your lover.Gift Shops play a major role in happiness look and think that if you pay some money and buy something for someone he will be happy to have from you.Money is nothing if you made someone happy with it.Now if you want to buy stamps to send some love you can buy at Gift Shops.Your gift and stamps are at the same place.Opening hours depend on the market where the shop is located.


Its sources of joy to visit a museum to know the history and anything related to your community.Most of the museum gift shops are selling stamps also.But if you want to buy stamps fro museum gift shop then you must have to buy postcards.If you are not interested in postcard then sorry for you cannot buy stamps there.Hope you got it the answer of  where can i buy stamps.

22.Stamp Machines

Most of the post offices are also have stamp machines where you can easily buy stamps.With the passage of time Stamps Machines are decreasing.If you very serious to buy stamps from Stamps Machine then go to your nearest post office to buy.To buy stamps at Machines you have to add coins to the machine and just pull the lever stamps will appear.

23-Home Metered Stamp Services

Some of the stamps services like stamps.com are giving homemade equipment services to stamp your all mailing.They actually give a home-based meter which you can use at any time.You have to update only your account then you can use their service at any time at your home.

24.Truck Stops

When you are in the travelling mood and don’t have time to buy stamps from all the above resources then Truk Stops are the best places to buy stamps.Stop at any truck Stop and have some great meal there and then ask for stamps they will happy to help you in this.

25.Private Mail and Post Box Services

The last source to buy stamps is Private mail and post box Service.Most of the small business that is home-based chose to rent private mailing service.There may be many clerks that will have postage stamps.If you are interested to buy stamps there you can easily buy there.

Here’s a Video Guide on How to Buy Stamps from ATM

Lookin for Stores Time and locations here is a complete guide

What is Postage Stamp?

A postage stamp is a modest composition of paper that is leverage and exhibit on an item of mail as a manifest of payment of postage. Usually, stamps disseminated on special custom made Stamps show a social stipulation domination on the front and viscous gum on the back.

Here postage stamp obtained from a postal administration. Postage stamps used for many purposes such as business necessities, insurance, and registration. Stamps are conventionally rectangular, triangular shaped but also other resemblance shapes are periodically used. The stamp is attached to an envelope or another postal stamp cover.

Stamps are promoted since 1840 before that inlet or hand stamp hence the word stamp derived from wood or cork; were typically candid the mail and affirmed the payment of postage. The invention of the stamp was an attempt to modify and upgrade the postal system in the UK. In the 19th century, this system was destroyed by selfish or corrupt people. During the 19th-century postage stamps were the rifest way to send emails.

Study of Postage Stamps

The study of postage system or its use is called the Philately. People also used stamps are their hobby called stamp collecting. Stamp collecting can be a profitable hobby if you do it also as a business. Old postage stamps are expensive. Postage system always involved in governmental issued or the history of a nation.Now we have an excellent idea of Where can i buy Stamps,

People also used stamps are their hobby called stamp collecting. Stamp collecting can be a profitable hobby if you do it also as a business. Old postage stamps are expensive. Postage system always involved in governmental issued or the history of a nation.Now we have an excellent idea of Where can i buy Stamps,

Now we have a good idea of Where can i Buy Stamps; Here we go to the types of Stamps.

Types of Stamps:

There are many types of a postage stamp. Here we’ll discuss a few of them.

Government and other know have governed local post stamp: used on mail in a local post, mostly some local post as private posts (have been controlled by private companies).

Makeup stamps: A stamp with a little cost and used while postage rates increased.

Military stamp: A particular type of stamp, utilized by the army for special purposed by using a particular postage system.

Cvon-dominated postage: postage stamp that always valuable even after stamp price increase, also known as permanent or forever stamp.

Self-adhesive stamp: self-sticking stamp, there is no need to do wet, or glue to stick this stamp.

Wedding Stamps: Another Type of Stamps, It could be important respect to the marriage.

Why do we need stamps?

Well every one have the question of where can i buy stamps lest check why we need it.You want to use a postage since it’s the financial system of the snail mail system. An adhesive postage stamp on your post is the affirmation that you have paid indispensable fees required to reach it on its target.  Moreover, you need to use a postage stamp because it indicates that what protocol to be used to send your email and to what place. Furthermore, it may also show the role of your email; it is military, civilian or government mail.

The fascinating part, you need to use a postage stamp because it may also mean new invoices for you, your email if you pick to utilize the more expensive stamps. As an example, some stamps will enable your email to given more importance or high priority.Usually, means it’ll deliver quicker than the usual mail. It may also mean that you may partially pay yours against you post or cover it on a subsequent date.

Guidelines In the sense of Stamps

Most of all, you will need to use a postage, it’s extremely suitable for you. You can see system procedure; postage stamps would be the reason trades in the mailing system are clean and well organized. It’ll not be easy for a post boy to accumulate your emails and hand it for delivery to the post office whenever they need to take care of the money. If this were the case, you’ll need the post office yourself particularly if you’re delivering a costly mail. However, thanks to stamps, you won’t need to experience such difficulties.

Pricing of Stamps

After the discussion of  Where can i Buy Stamps, Now we are going to look at Pricing. The requirement for postage stamps has substantially lessened in comparison to the past days.Due to the development of the quicker, more efficient digital messaging system. Because of this, postage stamps are becoming more costly. But still a best and literary and decent way of communication. Below you can find a guide on How many stamps you can buy with the budget you have.

Here are the price trends for Postage Stamps Now:

For National Mailing — price an ordinary range from $0.30 to $0.90. Each extra ounce will cost $0.21.

For National shipment — for flat rate envelopes and packs that the price could reach around $22.


So till now, you got all the possible places where you can buy stamps easily right? and have the answer of where can i buy stamps.If you want to know any specific information about Stamps Resources let us know we will help in any regard.This information is collected from a deep research if you feel any kind of error or wants to take part in the betterment of this content then you are welcome in author team then let us know in comment.