Does UPS Sell Stamps? Complete Guide on UPS Stamps 2017

United States Parcel Service is the worlds biggest parcel service in the United States.Headquarters of United Parcel Service is in Sandy Springs, Georgia USA.UPS delivers round about 15 million packages to 7.9 million people in 220 countries.The popularity of UPS is brown delivery trucks and uniforms because of this Company nickname is “Brown”.So come on the point right, most of the time I saw people asking about the question like Does Walmart sells stamps and Does Walgreens sell stamps.Now come on the question which is Does UPS Sell Stamps, so let’s elaborate it.

Does UPS Sell Stamps


Does UPS Sell Stamps?

YES, you can buy if you are asking for UPS Stores, But not at the customer counter of UPS facilities.It is not guaranteed that every UPS store sells stamps and also some of the stores do not sell single stamps.So, you can buy there only a book of stamps.In the United-States UPS has its stores in more than 50 states so you can easily buy stamps there.

When USPS is closed in the weekend and you need to buy stamps in this situation the Stores like Walmart, Walgreens and Publix etc are the best place to buy Stamps at these Stores.The best thing about these stores these are opened 24/7 So, you can buy anytime from there.Hope you got the answer of Does UPS Sell Stamps.You must Read Resources guide of Stamps below.

Where to buy Stamps?

Can you buy Stamps at UPS

YES, everyone can buy Stamps at UPS but keep in mind one thing that is you can buy Stamps only at UPS stores.I think most of the people confused as asking USPS Stamps from UPS because both are competitor each other.Most of the People don’t even know that both are also a partner in some cases like UPS deliver most of the USPS Parcels.

Buy Stamps at UPS Near Me 

If you are looking for UPS Locator Then we can help you in this regard.Below we have a Google Map for you if you want exact location then kindly sign in google to find Nearest UPS Store.

Having some problems with Google map or not want to sign in the No worries we have also an official UPS Locator simply click on the UPS Locator Below.

                           UPS Locator

Little Bored?

Enjoy a Funny  video  at UPS

Some Other stores to buy Stamps


Rite Aid




Basic Information of UPS

The company founded by James E. Casey in August 1907.Some basic info listed Below.


1-Courier express services   2-Freight forwarding services  3- Logistics services


US$60.906 billion (2016)

Total Income

US$3.431 billion (2016)

No. of Employees

434,000 (2016)

Served by

Whole world

Relationship Between UPS and USPS

Both are the competitor  in their specific field.But you surprised by knowing that USPS also a partner of UPS.UPS Deliver USPS parcel in their planes So, this is the main reason behind You can buy Stamps at UPS.


Hope till now you have the answer of Does UPS Sell Stamps.If you got any thing not related and want to add something new you can let me know in comments.I will be happy to help Regarding Stamps.


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