How Many Stamps Do I Need?How Many Stamps You Need 2018

When you need to mail a letter after the envelope the most important thing you need is Stamps.In 2017 Stamps are going to very rare and rates and value of Stamps also increase because of the electronic media. With the help of electronic media, we can send our message in seconds.But as we believe that “Old is Gold.”So, we send letters to our well-wishers and lovers by using the mail service.At Christmas, we mostly use Christmas Stamps If you need to know where can you buy stamps then Click Here to know the sources where you can buy stamps with discount.So, without wasting your time I’m going to answer How Many Stamps Do I Need to you.Keep reading I promise it would be worth reading for you.

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how many stamps in a book

How many Stamps do i need

How Many Stamps Do I Need

It depends on the factors like stamps type, weight, and size of the later you have.If we look in the general market, we can see that the today’s rate is 0.49$ Stamp.For one oz or less in weight.We only need 49 cents to send a letter, yes you read right it’s only 49 cents but only for 1 oz or less weight.But if you have a letter more than 1 oz then it’s going to expensive for you. Hope you now understood the answer to how many stamps do I need? well.

Many People are also searching for Where we can buy Stamps.

Most of the People asking many questions regarding the Need for Stamps.So, Mostly asked question listed below with satisfactory answers.It will help you the most when you are going to buy stamps to send a letter or parcel.

How many stamps do I need to send a letter?

When you need to send the letter first thing you need to know is Stamps Quantity.For a single letter, you need only one stamp.But it depends on many things listed below in the table.When your choice is to send a letter to the country then below listed all tables help you a lot.

How many stamps do I need per ounce? Or how many stamps do I need per oz?

The most common question mostly asked at the time of Christmas is listed above.At the time of this blessing, Christmas Stamps become most popular.And most of the gift will send with the help of  Postage Stamps, and most of this gift is in the form of single Letter.You can see the detail for per ounce below.

Letter Weigt1st class Stamp2nd class Stamp
more than 100g see Large letter belowsee Large letter below
Max.100g1 Stamp needed1 stamp needed

How Many Stamps for a Large Letter?

For a large letter, it’s going to be expensive for you but not a big burden for you.When the size of a letter increase, it will also enhance the quantity of Stamps.You can say that Letter size is directly proportional to Stamps Quantity our value.If you want letter going up to 100g, then 49 cents is not enough for you.I know you are again thinking about how many stamps do I need for a large letter?.Don’t worry you can get Information about Large letter below on the table.

Weight of letter1st class Stamp2nd class stamp
1g to 100g2 Stamps needed2 Stamps needed
101g to 250g2 stamps needed3 stamps needed
251g to 500g3 stamps needed3 stamps needed
501g to 750g 4 stamps needed4 stamps needed
Over 750g?see for Parcel belowsee for Parcel below

How many stamps do I need for a package?

When you need to send a parcel you need many stamps.The quantity of stamps is directly proportional to the weight of your package.If you are still thinking about how many stamps do I need for a package, Then don’t worry about it you can check below in the table.

Weight of Package 1st class Stamps2nd class Stamps
1g to 750g5 stamps needed5 stamps needed
751g to 1000g8 stamps needed7 stamps needed
1000g to 1250g10 stamps needed12 stamps needed
1251g to 1500g11 stamps needed13 stamps needed
1501g to 1750g13 stamps needed15 stamps needed
1751g to 2000g14 stamps needed17 stamps needed
2001g to 4000g18 stamps needed21 stamps needed

Hope You Now have the Complete sense of how many stamps do I need for a letter, Large Letter and for the package.And you also got that how many stamps do I need per ounce.Now I have many tips for you for saving money when you are buying Stamps.I sure 100 these tips help you a lot.

I hope now you understood the that how many stamps do you need.If you still confused then let us know in comments we will happy to help you in any query about stamps.If you are still in some doubt let us know to help you regarding any query about stamps like how many stamps in a book,how many stamps do i need to send a letter etc.

Tips to save money on Stamps

1-Buy Stamps in Bulk: When you need to send a large letter or Package, then you must buy Stamps in Bulk.When you are buying in bulk, you will get a discount and Forever stamps usually available in the Book of Stamps.

2-Buy Old Stamps: When you buy the old stamp, then you can get 10% discount. Pay Your Bill Online: Always try to pay your bill online.I can reduce your postage cost.

3-Don’t Stock Forever Stamps: Never stock forever stamps, these stamps bound your money. Fold Your Mail: By folding your mail, you can use a small envelope that saves your money.

4-Always use Postcard: When your need is just to convey a message then use postcards instead envelope.

5-Check, again and again, Detail: Always check your given detail Address etc. attentively.

6-Try Email instead: Many of people wasting their money by sending postcards etc. rather they can send an email.

 Most of the people buy single stamp but what if you buy in the form of the book of stamps?When you will buy a book of stamps then you have any benefits like you will get some discount and also you can save your remaining stamps for future use.If you are interested to buy stamps with a discount or even want to get free stamps then keep visiting us bookmark us.Some of the amazing giveaways are coming soon.We will give a free book of stamps So to take part in this comment your feeling about our site and drop your email we will reach you soon. 


I hope you enjoyed it well.Before writing anything, I search a lot then after a search I share this with you because I want to help great people like you with quality content.If you found any Error or wanted any addition kindly let me know in comments, I will be very grateful to help you regarding Stamps.

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