How Many Stamps in a Book-Where to buy Stamps 2018

At the blessing event of Christmas, Stamps become more important for those who are love to send letters to their beloved ones.So, Christmas is about to come and questions about stamps are increasing day by day.Mostly I heard a general question about stamps which is Who Sells Stamps or where to buy stamps.If you also have the same queries you can check the informative guide by clicking Here.Today while searching I got a question which is How Many Stamps in a Book.So, I’m going to share my knowledge on it stay with me.

how many stamps in a book

How Many Stamps in a Book

when the question is how many then its mean you wanna know the number of stamps in a book Right?So, the Right answer to this Question is 20 Stamps.It always the same either you purchase from USPS or from any store.When you buy a book of stamps you will get 20 stamps every time.It’s a good decision to buy a book of stamps because by purchasing a book of stamps you will get some discount also you can you anytime when you have a stock of stamps.

Here also check how many stamps do you need to send a letter.

When you ask the question like How Many Stamps in a Book or how much is a book of stamps. Then you must want to know the costs of stamps.I searched a lot on this topic and found an awesome guide which I’m going to share below.I break the cost schedule into three parts which are

  • International Shipping Rates
  • Domestic Shipping Rates
  • Domestic Mailing Rates

Postage Stamps Rates Summary 2017

This information is listed in

International Shipping Rates:

  1. Priority Mail Express International has not changed their rates.
  2. Priority Mail International rates for 2017 is not changes yet.
  3. First Class Package International rates for mailings is same as of 2016.

Domestic Shipping Rates:

  1. Priority Mail Express increases their rates up to “3.4%” in 2017.
  2. Priority Mail increases their rates roundabout “3.9%” in 2017.
  3. First Class Package Service increase amount like “4.1%” in 2017.
  4. Parcel Select Ground increase rates by 2.7%, but rates for weight is low as compared to 2016.
  5. Media Mail Rate is $2.63 rather of $2.61.

Domestic Mailing Rates: 

  1. First Class  Letters (1 oz.) dues increase from 0.47$ to  0.49$.An additional of each ounce will cost $0.21.
  2. First Class Flats (1 oz.) increases from $0.94 to $0.98. the addition of each ounce costs of $0.21.
  3. Postcard Rates are not changed yet, rates are the same at $0.34.


Buying a book of a stamp is a good decision by the way.The reason is when you are buying a book of stamps then you can earn some bucks in the form of discount and also you can use your remaining stamps anytime.If you want to know about the tips for saving stamps you can check the guide here.A big giveaway is coming we will give away a book of stamps free.If you are interested then comment on this post and include your email we will reach you soon.


This information is listed here after a complete search on it.If you found any error or want to part of moderation in this content you are most welcome let me know in comments section.I take care of my visitors and it’s a proud moment when my visitors comments for addition or for the report.Stay happy!



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