How Much is a Book of Stamps 2018-Are postage rates Increased?

Its ten days now I was thinking to write about the question which is How much is a book of stamps so, today finally I decided to share my views on this topic.So, lets come and discuss the great queries of stamps. Prices can go up and down with the passage of time.If you want to know about the prices up and down you can simply follow the link   here you will know about the prices of the stamp.

how much is a book of stamps

The most asked question in the sense of stamps is where can I buy stamps.For this sake, I have written where you can buy stamps, even I also add some online stores where the availability of stamps guaranteed.

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How Much is a Book of Stamps 2018

Book of stamps rates now increased from 9.2$ to 9.8$.If we see the single postage stamp rate, we can see that the rate of single postage is also increased from 46 cents to 49 cents.Actually, the question how much is a book of stamps is simple and to the point.If you need some further details you can ask us in the comment section, our team will happy to help you.


I want to add some additional information also

How much is a First Class Stamps

In 2017 the rate of a first class postage stamp was 0.49$ and now in 2018 the rate is increased and touched to 0.50$.Moreover, if you ounces are increasing then you must have to pay  0.20$  in the case of any additional ounce.

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