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Look if you are searching anything like how much is a postage stamp 2018 then this blog is most beneficial for you.If you want to some experience then at the end of the post you will see our different post have a look you will realize the beauty of visitors satisfaction.If we look at the past we can know that once a time when for sending mail the only way was postage stamps and if anyone needs to buy stamps then he/she must goto to first near post office.Now we are in the 2018 and the buying stamps or other stuff is not a big game actually.There are many ways where you can buy stamps without going anywhere.Now going to discuss our today’s topic keep reading it will worth reading for you.

how much is a postage stamp

How Much is a Postage Stamp 2018


If you want to know only Forever Stamps Rate then 2018 forever stamps rates is 0.50$.In brief discussion Postage Rates, 2018 can be divided into 3 categories like Domestic mailing, Domestic Shipping and International Shipping.Mostly peoples are searching for how much is a postage stamp, postage rates may vary depending on the market right.Now going to share with you a postage rate 2018 in three categories given below.

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how much is a book of stamps

Postage Rate Increase

The First category we have to discuss here is Domestic mailing.The rates have increased in 2018.

Domestic Mailing

In domestic mailing the increases in rates are

–>In domestic mailing first-class mail letters for 1 oz rates will increase from 0.49$ to .50$ while buying at post office also 0.21$ charged st additional oz.

–>Metered Mail includes some discounts in this online postage service and postage meters, increases from $0.46 to $0.47. $0.21 added for each additional cost.

–>$0.98 to $1.00 increases for First Class Mail Flats (1 oz.).$0.21 is added for additional cost.

–>One cent to $0.35 Postcard rates increases.

Domestic Shipping

–>3.9% will increase Priority Mail Express in 2018.

–>First Class Package Service online postage rates will start at $2.66 (in past $2.61).

–>4.9% will increase for  Parcel Select Ground in 2018.Online postage rates will start at $6.55 (in past $5.95).

–>Media Mail Rates will start at $2.66 (in past $2.63).

International Postage Rates

In international mailing rates of postage stamps can increase and decrease in the sense of international affairs.Below is a complete guide to international shipping.

International Shipping

–>Priority Mail Express International online postage rates will start at $40.38 (in past $38.9).

–>Priority Mail International online postage rates will start at $31.35 (in past $30.16).

–>First Class Package International Service online postage rates will start at $9.50 (in past $9.03).

Hope till now you have understood the question you have.Below you can find the price chart it will help you to buy from,below is complete chart have a look and if you found any confusion let us know we will help you regarding Postage rates 2018.

First Class Mail Letter                                $0.49

First Class Mail Letter                                $0.21

Postcard                                                    $0.34  

First Class Mail Flat (1 oz.)                         $0.98

Priority Mail Express                                  $21.18 and up

First Class Package Service                         $2.61 and up

Parcel Select Ground                                  $5.95 and up

Media Mail                                                  $2.63

Priority Mail Express International                $38.90 and up

At the beginning of every year the postage rates go up or down, So keep eye on the rates when you are going to buy. Hope you now fully understood How Much is a Postage Stamp right?.If you still need any information we are always here to help you.So, let us know if you want any further details about stamps.

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